What we do

Welcome to Nano Scale Surface Systems, Inc. (ns3).  ns3 commercializes (directly and through licenses) our proprietary plasma deposition processes for high throughput coatings that are applied to the inside and/or outside of 3D surfaces to enhance their chemical, gas and vapor barrier properties as well as their electrical, optical, and tribological properties. In addition ns3 offers coating services including glass coating of microplates.  Alternative to Plate+ glass coated microplates - we can help.

About Us

ns3 has developed equipment and technology based on their proven and patented technological approach to produce commercial products based on high rate, low cost plasma coatings on polymeric substrates (including containers), silicon wafers as well as metals, glass and ceramic surfaces since 1995.  ns3 works with its corporate partners to develop and commercialize each technology.

We are environmentally conscious and have been generating our own electricity from SUNPOWER solar panels installed on our roof since 2010, powering our entire facility and generating over 25% of excess CLEAN power that we put back onto the grid.  NANO TECHNOLOGY POWERED BY THE SUN....