Nano Scale Surface Systems, Inc.
Inside Bottle Coating with SiOx

Welcome to Nano Scale Surface Systems, Inc.'s (ns3) web site. ns3 is commercializing (directly and through licenses) proprietary plasma deposition processes for coating the inside and/or outside of 3D polymeric surfaces and for coating 2D surfaces with ceramic coatings and metal doped ceramic nanostructures to enhance their gas and vapor barrier properties as well as their electrical, optical, tribological and other properties. In addition ns3 offers state-of-the-art Fourier Transform Infra Red (FTIR) spectrometeric measurements of thin film materials.


We are now generating our own electricity from SUNPOWER solar panels installed on our roof.  23 December marked an important day since we ran our coaters, testers and facility FULLY POWERED by our solar system!  NANO TECHNOLOGY POWERED BY THE SUN....

ns3 WINS the Alameda Municipal Power POWERSTAR Award

ns3 can coat your medical, packaging or industrial 3D parts with SiOx materials for barrier and other functional applications - Call or email us today to find out more! 510-814-0340


Thermo Fisher Scientific ( sells Plate+, polypropylene and polyethylene microplates custom coated with SiO2 at ns3.


Molecular Devices (a provider of assay tools that utilize microplates) has published data on the effectiveness of ns3 glass coated microplates - check out this link by clicking below:


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