Nano Scale Surface Systems, Inc.
ns3 Solar Power System

Nano Scale SUNPOWER Solar Power System

We are now generating our own electricity from SUNPOWER solar panels installed on our roof.  23 December marked an important day since we ran our coaters, testers and facility FULLY POWERED by our solar system!  NANO TECHNOLOGY POWERED BY THE SUN....

In order to achieve this, we had to make some major changes in our infrastructure including:

1.  Installing the latest Ebara Pump Technology (EV-S Series Pumps) that only use 0.5-0.6 kwatt (5000 liter/minute).

2.  Updating and installing the latest high-efficiency fluorescent lights and fixtures.

3.  Insulating our commercial building where possible.

All of this has allowed us to generate MORE power than we use, even when we are running our coaters.  We hope to use our excess energy (in the future) to power a company electric vehicle.

Here is the link to the EBARA vacuum pumps that we are using